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Dear Prospective Clients,


           I became an attorney to protect the

rights of individuals.  Whether you have been

charged with a crime, injured in an accident

or simply desire to ensure your loved ones

are provided for, you have rights that must

be aggressively protected.



           I have practiced law in Indiana for several years.  I have extensive court room experience and previously served as a Madison County Deputy Prosecutor who prosecuted over a thousand felony and misdemeanor cases.   I currently serve as legal counsel to the City of Anderson where I represent and advise the Mayor, Municipal Departments and City Legislative bodies on legal matters. 


           My full service firm is prepared to protect your rights by providing  a you with a variety of services, offered at competitive rates.  Please find detailed information about me and the services I provide by exploring the links on the left of my website.


           Hiring an attorney may be the most important decision you will ever make.  Please contact me and set up an appointment so we can decide upon a course of action that will best suit your individual needs.


                                                                             Very Truly Yours,


                                                                             Evan B. Broderick

The Law Office of Evan B. Broderick

34 W. 8th Street

Anderson, IN 46016

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